Reducing water use

Pure, clean water is an essential ingredient in our products. We also use water for cleaning, rinsing, heating and cooling. Water efficiency is a key performance measure for our business and we monitor and benchmark this monthly.

Our manufacturing sites operate under formal water-management plans. These plans set out our actions to reduce water consumption. These are regularly reviewed and revised to identify improvement opportunities.

DRY-LUBE: The conveyors used to move bottles and cans around our production facilities need lubrication on the belts. Over the last few years we have progressively installed waterless lubrication systems, which have saved tens of millions of litres each year.

RAINWATER HARVESTING: A large-scale rainwater harvesting system has been installed at the Tullamarine site to supply cooling towers, toilets and gardens. This offsets the use of municipal water and contributes to the company meeting its water-reduction target. Estimated water savings at the site are 7.5 million litres of potable water per year.

WATER EFFICIENCY: Water-efficient appliances such as low-flow taps, trigger sprays, showerheads and urinals have been installed in many parts of the business. We also deliver education programs to our employees and contractors to promote water conservation both at work and at home.