Asahi Beverages has a broad portfolio of Australia’s much-loved soft drinks. This diverse range includes market-leading brands such as Schweppes mixers and Schweppes Lemonade, Sunkist, Solo and Pepsi Max. Our portfolio also extends to a range of frozen beverages including Pepsi, Schweppes Raspberry, Mountain Dew and Solo. 

Since the Schweppes brand arrived in Australia in 1877 it has become a much-loved household name, synonymous with style and unsurpassed refreshment. Today, Schweppes continues to innovate and delight with more than 40 high-quality products. From classic mixers, lemonade, and refreshing mineral waters to the traditional bold-flavoured range of soft drinks, Schweppes has a beverage for every occasion.

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Pepsi Cola is one of the most recognisable and loved brands in Australia and around the world, with a rich history of great tasting cola and partnerships with some of the biggest stars on the planet. The Pepsi range also includes Pepsi Max.

Pepsi is proudly manufactured and distributed in Australia by Asahi Beverages under license from PepsiCo Inc.

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Introducing VIBE soda, a range of beverages bursting with personality, fizz, big flavour, low sugar and the extra oomph of added functionality. VIBE doesn’t just give you permission to loosen up a little, it begs you to get your cheeky on.

Leaving your taste buds and your body zinging with life, the VIBE range is available in three delicious flavours, with a different functional benefit in each of the three drinks (all when consumed as part of a healthy and varied diet). 

VIBE Lemonade Gut is a soda your gut would swipe right for and contains prebiotics which promote a positive change in gut microbiota. VIBE Lemon Orange Immunity will kick Winter right in the lemon oranges and is formulated with beta-glucan to help support your immune health. VIBE Raspberry Focus will get your mind out of the clutter and gives you a caffeine hit from coffee beans to improve concentration and alertness. VIBE is your soda friend with benefits!

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Mountain Dew

Phoenix Organic’s roots go back to 1986, when three friends set out to make natural, organic drinks without cutting corners.  It’s a labour of love to source quality organic and GE free ingredients. Our drinks are created with love.  Hope you feel it.


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Phoenix Organic Drinks

For years, Mountain Dew has been popular around the world. Now, Mountain Dew Energised with caffeine is set to take Australia by storm. Mountain Dew is proudly manufactured and distributed in Australia by Asahi Beverages under license from PepsiCo Inc.



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Mountain Dew

The original pub squash has been crushing the thirst of Aussies since 1973. Since the iconic SOLO man ads of the 1970s and 80s, SOLO has long been the drink you need when you work up a real thirst.  SOLO Original Lemon has 5% real lemon and provides active, real lemon refreshment. 

SOLO. The Original Thirst Crusher.

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The Sunkist brand has been offering premium citrus fruit for more than 120 years. Today, Sunkist orange soft drinks are enjoyed by consumers around the world. Citrus growers in California and Arizona formed the Sunkist cooperative in 1893 to offer fresh, quality citrus under the Sunkist brand and in 1979, it became the mark of Sunkist soft drinks.

Sunkist is manufactured and distributed in Australia under license from Sunkist Growers, Inc.


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