Modern Slavery Commitment / Supplier Code of Conduct / Responsible Sourcing Policy

At Asahi Beverages, our Suppliers are an integral part of our business, and therefore our success. We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards when it comes to our supply chain, and we expect the same from our suppliers.

We operate in a way that promotes responsibility in the following areas:

  • Labour
  • Land and human rights
  • Environment and sustainability
  • Compliance and ethical conduct
  • Anti-corruption and corporate fraud

Asahi Beverages is committed to ensuring that our supply chain and operations respect Human Rights and comply with the Australian Modern Slavery Act 2018 (Cth). Our latest Modern Slavery Joint Statement for FY 2021 can be found in the online register on the Australian Border Force website.



Our Supplier Code of Conduct / Responsible Sourcing Policy outlines these standards and can be found here.

Our Supplier Code of Conduct sets out the minimum expectations we require our Suppliers and our own employees to embrace, support, and enact a set of values to support these principles and continue to monitor their own compliance to this document where applicable.

As such, our approach is not just about monitoring compliance but also about working to understand challenges, encourage improvements and empower Suppliers to take ownership throughout the value chain. Equally, we are considerate of local factors and challenges faced by our Suppliers in the different parts of the world where we operate and procure from. If these local factors and challenges prevent potential suppliers meeting our standards, Asahi will try to work with them on a case-by-case basis to improve their practices.

If you are ever in doubt about your obligations and responsibilities under this Supplier Code of Conduct, please seek advice from your primary contact at Asahi Beverages Regional Hub and/or its Business Divisions, or your supervisor.