Media Releases

08 October 2018

Introducing Asahi Lifestyle Beverages

On 1 October 2018 we announced a change in name of our commercial non-alcohol business.  Schweppes Australia is now known as Asahi Lifestyle Beverages.

The Schweppes Australia corporate brand has been in market since its creation in 2009, when the company was purchased by Asahi Group Holdings, a major Japanese beverage company.  The brand has served us well, however, our portfolio is much more than carbonated soft drinks and the products associated with the Schweppes brand.

Asahi Lifestyle Beverages better reflects our current portfolio and our future aspirations. We offer a great range of beverage choices for customers and consumers, across categories which include plain and flavoured water products, iced teas, juice and juice products, sports drinks and carbonated soft drinks.

Backed by the strength of a major multinational beverages company and part of the Asahi Beverages Group in Australia and New Zealand, Asahi Lifestyle Beverages is the home of Schweppes and so much more.