Media Releases

04 August 2017

Asahi Premium Beverages acquires Vodka O and other brands

Asahi Premium Beverages (APB) has purchased the Vodka O brand and selected other brands from ASM Liquor Pty Ltd.

 ASM is a privately owned alcohol beverage company headquartered in Australia. The deal includes the following:

  • Vodka O brand – a premium vodka offering in full strength bottled spirits (FSBS) and the number 3 selling vodka brand in Australia. Vodka O is also available in a ready-to-drink (RTD) format.
  • Tequila Blu – a tequila brand fully imported from Mexico. 

 APB will acquire Vodka O and Tequila Blu in all markets where these brands are currently sold.

  •  Spicebox Whisky – an imported Canadian spiced whisky product available as a FSBS and RTD.  This product is made and distributed under license.
  •  VDKA 6100 – is a super premium vodka, available only as a FSBS.  APB will acquire the brand for use in Australia, New Zealand and Japan, with ASM retaining the brand for use in the US and other markets where it is currently sold.

Scott Hadley, Chief Commercial Officer, APB said: “These brands will give APB an important position within the full strength spirits category.  This will mean we can offer our customers an even broader range of alcohol beverages.”