Sustainable sourcing

We are committed to minimising the environmental impacts of the raw materials we source. This involves our own evaluations of impact but also involves working closely with our supplier base. 

SPRING WATER: Water is a vital resource for our business, and we use it in many forms – in every one of our products and in our manufacturing processes. Our bottled water products use pristine spring water from carefully selected sources, including company-owned and third-party water sources.

We carefully manage our impact on the environment, ensuring that we:

  • Conduct thorough and proper assessments of the water sources we propose to use, including understanding the impacts of drawing on ground water, water tablelands, and surrounding land use.
  • Minimise environmental and community impacts. Our water-source sites operate under quality-management systems with controlled and documented procedures.
  • Sustainably manage water supply by monitoring water that is extracted at each site and reporting to water regulators. Water sources follow the Australian Bottled Water Institute (ABWI) Model Code.
  • Use water sources for which we are licensed to take specified volumes and are compliant with license conditions.