Packaging is important for ensuring that we are able to get our products safely and in good shape to consumers.  We are focusing on reducing our impact on the environment through improved packaging design, increasing the use of recycled content, and helping to repurpose packaging into other useful products.

Our main forms of packaging include plastics, aluminium, glass and cardboard. We have prioritised plastics as our initial focus area.

We will make a difference, enriching the communities in which we live by changing our attitude to the use of plastics.

Our desire is to find ways to create a circular economy within Australia and New Zealand, particularly in relation to PET. This will require us to work with partners to find ways to capture post-consumer plastics, convert them back into new packaging or find other useful purposes.

We believe through forming the right partnerships we can make a difference and improve the levels of recycled content collected, processed and repurposed in Australia.

We are a signatory to the Australian Packaging Covenant and complete action plans and annual reports detailing our commitments and progress. Click to  access our 2018 Annual Report & Action Plan.