Packaging is an essential part of our marketing strategy, as well as ensuring our products are delivered safely to customers and consumers. We take care to minimise the impact of packaging waste on the environment.  

We are a signatory to the Australian Packaging Covenant and complete action plans and annual reports detailing our commitments and progress. Click to  access our 2018 Annual Report & Action Plan.

LIGHTWEIGHTING: The business constantly looks for opportunities to reduce the weight of our packaging. Some recent examples of progress in this area are:

  • Commenced blowfill manufacturing at multiple sites with production of lightweight PET CSD bottles. This has reduced bottle weights by 9.3% for 600mL, 3.4% for 1.25L and 2.7% for 2.0L bottles.
  • Moved to lightweight bottle closures for water and carbonated products manufactured at the Albury, Tullamarine and Welshpool sites. In most products a 28.3% closure weight reduction was achieved, and in some water products it was a 36.7% reduction.
  • Shrink-film gauge was reduced for 24 x 600mL water products, resulting in a 16.67% weight reduction. 

RECYCLED CONTENT: Our 100% recycled PET (rPET) water bottles have less than half the carbon footprint of a regular PET bottle. We recently conducted a study through an external consultant to assess the carbon footprint of our bottled water. Through data obtained in the study, we found that our 100% rPET bottles have about half the environmental impact of bottles made from new materials. When we look at the lifecycle of the product – from creating the bottle through to manufacturing, refrigerating and selling, and then to recycling the bottle – lightweighting and rPET initiatives have reduced the total carbon footprint of some products by up to 32%.

LITTER REDUCTION: Asahi Beverages fully supports anti-littering initiatives and has been working for many years with industry, government and communities to implement litter reduction under the Do The Right Thing campaigns. We advocate for cost-effective solutions to reduce litter across all categories.