Reducing greenhouse gas emissions

We actively work to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions through a range of energy-efficiency programs and by selecting lower-carbon energy sources. We set annual targets to reduce emissions per litre of beverage that we produce, and monitor performance on a monthly basis.

ENERGY-EFFICIENT LIGHTING: Our manufacturing sites are implementing more efficient and sustainable lighting solutions, each running with a slightly different approach to suit site requirements and budgets. 

  • At our Huntingwood site in NSW, all traditional lights in the production area have been replaced with LED lights, reducing energy use by 40% and providing a better, more consistent light quality for workers. Maintenance costs for replacing lights have also been reduced due to the longer life of LEDs.
  • At Tullamarine in Victoria, traditional lights in the production facility are being replaced with LEDs as part of a maintenance upgrade program.
  • At Welshpool in WA, a smart-control system has been installed allowing the lights to dim or switch off on bright days. 

PRODUCTION EQUIPMENT: Our production facilities are the highest source of direct-energy consumption in our business. We regularly review our operations and implement improvements. For example:

  • Filling machines have been upgraded to ambient fillers which reduces cooling and heating loads by operating close to ambient rather than low temperatures.
  • Boiler efficiency has been improved through installation of burner controls, oxygen monitoring, air/fuel ratio control and variable speed drives on air fans and feed water pumps.
  • Refrigeration systems at a number of our sites have been upgraded to improve efficiency.
  • New energy-efficient air compressors have been installed.

SOLAR POWER: A 100 kilowatt roof-mounted solar panel system was installed on the roof of the main production building at our Huntingwood site to supply electricity. This generates enough electricity every year to power 26 average homes and saves 140 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions.

SALES CAR FLEET: Fuel efficiency is a major consideration when selecting the car fleet for our sales team. Transitioning from an SUV vehicle to the current hybrid vehicles reduced the rated emissions per vehicle by 46% at the time of the change.