Environmental management

Our Environment Policy sets out our company commitments and strategies. Our environmental plans aim to improve performance in each of the areas identified in our policy, and we have developed environmental performance indicators and set targets to help drive continuous improvement.

 Our environmental commitments:

Compliance: Meet our environmental legislation and other relevant obligations.

 Accountability: Provide our people with the skills and knowledge to uphold our environmental responsibilities.

Management of systems: Implement and operate an effective environmental management system.

Improving environmental impact: Identify all points where we impact the environment and take action to eliminate, minimise or mitigate their impacts.

Continual improvement: Establish, measure and review objectives and targets to continually reduce our impact on the environment.

Our first and most critical policy commitment is compliance with our environmental legal obligations. In 2018 Asahi Beverages had no prosecutions, fines or penalties related to breaches of environmental regulations.

 We have implemented a formal Environmental Management System (EMS) to manage our impacts on the environment and drive continuous improvement in our environmental performance. We have committed to achieving external EMS certification (ISO14001) at our manufacturing sites. So far, seven of our manufacturing sites have achieved certification.